Clementine | Spot O Ovo
Vídeo promocional para o livro O Ovo.
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O Ovo. booktrailer

“O Ovo” is a book by Madalena Lordelo that includes recipes from Chef Justa Nobre.
Its mission is to unravel, inform and clarify dozens of myths about egg consumption, production and extreme nutritive value.
The concept was to present the book with the same light approach that of the author style, yet being serious and hilarious at the same time. It should be impactful and curious.
With this strange mix of goals we ended up creating this retro-lab, low-fi concept, with an original soundtrack, that hopefully picked up the eye. And the ear as well.

no chickens were harmed during the production, just bored.


Spot O Ovo - Booktrailer


Madalena Lordelo





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